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The Look: Light, medium or dark, there's a window tinting film that's right for your car. Our window tinting films can give your car a sleek look that makes it more beautiful for you and more valuable to its next owner. Because we use our own proprietary adhesives to create a clear, strong bond, the beautiful look of our window tinting film is guaranteed not to bubble,

peel or blister. 


The Comfort: While your car looks cooler on the outside, you'll stay cooler on the inside. 3M Scotchtint Panther Black Auto Films block out the sun's heat so you can ride in comfort with less drain on your air conditioner. You'll especially appreciate our Click here to view our Automotive Portfolio window tinting film's ability to reject heat when your car is parked in the sun. For added comfort, the window film even helps to block out glare.

The Durability: On the surface, our window tinting films have a durable scratch resistant coating, so you needn't baby them to enjoy years of beautiful performance. On the inside, our films block out up to 99% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays, rays that cause your interior fabrics and leathers to fade, crack and peel.

The Safety: 3M Scotchtint Panther Black Auto Films help protect you in two ways. First, it helps keep the glass in place during an act of vandalism. Secondly, it keeps thieves from gaining a clear view of property you may have in your vehicle.

The Promise: When you have 3M Scotchtint Panther Black Auto Film installed by one of our authorized dealers, we back our window tinting films with a limited lifetime warranty. Receiving your warranty card is your best assurance that you have the finest window tinting film available properly installed in your vehicle


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